Saturday, 18 January 2014

My fridge sends Spam!!

So in the bid to make our lives easier and more efficient we have actually been able to turn our everyday appliances against us. Proofpoint which is a white hat hacking security company, in a bid to show off the security weakness of appliances managed to use everyday home appliances which have processors on them and access to the internet, used them to send spam emails. Great!! Just what we want a fridge that can keep our food cool and also send our thousands of junk email. Now I love technology don't get me wrong, but there comes a point where you have to think about what really needs to be updated, and what sort of appliances can just be left be. I see no gain that can be made by having a fridge connected to the internet. I don't need my fridge to give me weather updates, or give me breaking news. I need my fridge to do one job, and one job only keep my food refrigerated! 

Google Lenses?

Well here goes my first re-action article! Now I am all for advances in technology don’t get me wrong. However I think sometimes people like Google and other companies who spend billions on research and development can get a bit carried away.  Today I see that Google has announced that it is working on a contact lens that can detect glucose levels in the body and can flash LEDs in the eye of the user to warn of too high or low levels. Now I know that certain people especially those suffering from diabetes need to regulate their levels of glucose in-order to know when to take insulin, but does this lens really need to be a factor played in that equation. Do they really think that those suffering from diabetes want to be wearing a constantly flashing LED in their eye. Now I don’t want to be mean either but statistically speaking those who suffer from diabetes tend to be in their later life, and do they really want to be fiddling about with this tiny contact lens trying to get it into their eye and then taking it out every night. I don’t know, to me it seems that this is a non-starter and that they should not develop too much into it. But I am also interested in what you think about this idea. Do you think that Google is onto something here, or do you think those Google glasses that their employees have been wearing are starting to go to their heads? Comment below and tell me your opinions. 

Here We Go!

Hello! Whenever someone starts a blog I guess that they just assume that someone will read it right? Well that's what I think happens, however I don't know if I will be lucky enough to actually have someone stumble across this blog and if you do, well I hope you enjoy it and return. My idea in starting this blog, and everyone has a reason and idea for starting a blog, is that I can give my opinion to new events and occurrences that happen around the world. Now I live in the UK however that does not mean that the responses that I give will only be to UK news. It could be to anything that happens from all across the world, whether it be in China or America, to Argentina to Thailand. Anything that interests me and that I feel I have an opinion on I will share.  
Now some people may share my particular opinions, while others may find me annoying and clueless, I hope that it is the first one. However if you do find something that I write to be against your opinion then TELL ME! I don’t want to argue and get into a who can swear worse at each other type keyboard warrior fight, but a healthy debate is fun and can enrich one's life, so please if you do have a different opinion do tell me. Now in my first instalment of this blog I am not giving an opinion yet. Maybe late today or tomorrow as I feel that I need to see how many stories I can find that interest me and a sensible way of getting those across to you. So for now I say goodbye and at the same time welcome!